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How to Lower Your Grocery Bill- Using Coupons

Extreme shoppers can slice as much as 50% – 60% off their monthly grocery bill just by using coupons and waiting until the item goes on sale. If it is not on sale, they do not buy it. They stock up on the items they use the most while they are on sale and they plan their menus around the bargains they can pick up at the grocery store that week.

To get the scoop, check out The site tells you what’s on sale at the store you choose, then click the coupon and print. It does cost money, but you can get a four week trial for just a dollar.


Other sites worth a visit include: couponing, MommySavesBig, CouponMom, MyGroceryDeals, thecentsiblesawyer.blogspot, budget101.

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  • But what about the flyers? Weekly flyers is where to find some of the best grocery savings… different ones every week. Check out It lets you match your grocery list to the weekly flyer deals at any of the supermarkets in your area. All the coupons are there too! Flyers savings + coupon savings = double dipping to stretch that grocery dollar even further! :^)