Fun Family Food is all about creating a memorable dinning experience with your kids in a healthy way. Food is the essence of life. Food is comfort. Food creates an atmosphere of warmth that we equate with joy.

Feasts have always been the trademark of joyous occasions. We create delectable menus to celebrate special moments and holidays. We serve food at social gatherings and business meetings. When ever my kids see an animal such as a dog, cat or fish the first thing they want to do is feed it.

Dinnertime used to be a time when the family would sit around the table and share stories, feelings or a log of the day. It created a family bond but most of all long lasting memories. Family Recipes have been handed down through the ages or died off with the maker but we still can remember the special bread our mom used to make or uncle Joe’s potato pancakes he made every Sunday morning. Maybe your memory was movie night every Friday night with Pizza.

The quintessential question is how can we enjoy these occasions and serve everyday meals that are still fun, healthy and tasty. I am not talking about serving a birthday cake made of tofu. You can still stop by McDonalds to get your kids chicken and fries on that day you are so stressed you do not feel like cooking. We are here for real families, in the real world.

We know you do not have time to go looking through cookbooks or online recipe sources that offer ten chicken casserole dishes. We want to share our best tips, tricks and experiences to help make your life easier but most of all create happy family memories using what we all love…Food.