October Website Review: On Being Frugal

This month’s website review covers several websites. I am sure there are thousands of fabulous sites that offer the latest in coupons and deals. These are just a few of my favorites from this year. I use them all. It takes me about an hour 

Potatoes and Asparagus Omelet

On Saturday or Sunday morning I like to make omelets as a way to use up left over vegetables. Ideally to make this recipe for potatoes and asparagus omelets use precooked cubed potatoes and steamed asparagus to cut down on cooking time. If leftovers are 

How to Make Turkey Stock

Photo by: Chow.com When I make soups I use a product I buy at Costco called Better Than Bullion. Basically it is stock that has been boiled down into a concentrated paste. I like it better than bullion or canned broth but it does not 

At Home Vacations and Nickle and Dime Get-a-ways

In February, the local schools were out for Presidents week. The mother hen that I am, I loved having Mason home. We enjoyed sleeping in, staying up late, a morning in the mountains playing in the snow, a visit from Grandma and Grandpa, stomping in 

Hold the Crust Please

I had an Epiphany while making PB&J Sandwiches for lunch. As I stood there staring at the pile of wasted bread crusts (the kids do not like to eat the crust), I thought this is almost two and a half slices of bread about to 

Text Before You Buy With Google

The next time you are out shopping and wonder if you are getting a good deal send a text message to Google at 466453. The service is free although carrier text message fees may apply. Text the name of the item, the price and the 

I Paid That Much?

I ran over to Target to buy Mason a prize for achieving his quota. He has a hard time not goofing off when it comes to homework and signing his name each morning at school. So, we made a chart to keep him on task 

Beef – Is on the Menu….All Week!

Earlier in the month I bought a package of steaks and pork chops. Somehow the packages ended up in the freezer before they were divided up and sealed. Needless to say they had to be used before frost bite set in. I had four huge 

30-Day Meal Plan: Planning and Shopping for the Month Saves Time and Money

Make it Simple: The idea of once a month cooking is to simplify life. If a month sounds too overwhelming start small. Try once a week cooking, gradually adding more meals as you become acclimated. Trouble finding the time? Hire a baby sitter, cook in 

Fast and Easy Cooking Tips

Dinner time for us is the most hectic time of the day. The kids are on overdrive and usually require constant mediation. And, there is very hungry baby attached to my leg while I am trying to cook who knows if I am in the