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I Paid That Much?

I ran over to Target to buy Mason a prize for achieving his quota. He has a hard time not goofing off when it comes to homework and signing his name each morning at school. So, we made a chart to keep him on task and ultimately win a reward. I also was in search of inspiration. The kitchen chairs are in desperate need of new covers. The third item on my list was cleaning supplies. Normally, I purchase cleaning supplies at the dollar store, but I had Mason and only wanted to make one stop. An enormous mistake I will never make again.

Mop- $10
2 packs of 6 scrub sponges- $8
Dish scrubbers- (Stephen’s request) $27.18 total
2 canisters windex wipes- $5.38 total
2 cans Comet- 1.58 total
All Purpose Green cleaner- 3.59
Cleaning gloves- 2.49
Total: 58.22

Dollar Store total: under $20.00

1 thought on “I Paid That Much?”

  • you need to be careful about dollar store buys unless you know the brand, sometimes they are imports with out the same regulations on what they include. others items brooms and dusters are a great buy at a dollar store.