Memories and healthy recipes for your dinner table.

Family Togetherness: Sunday Brunch

Photo: Paul Horsch and his family during their Sunday dinner

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Sunday dinner at my Grandmother Jepson’s home was always pot roast with carrots and potatoes. As my Grandmother opened the front door to let us in the smell of roast accompanied by the warmth from the oven would hit us so strongly making our bellies ache to eat right away. Today we carry on the Sunday dinner family tradition. Even though my grandparents have passed away and I am far from home I savor the memory.

During the week life can get fairly hectic. Dinners are kept simple to accomodate busy schedules. On Sunday however, we slow down. I like to use to down time to cook. Sunday dinner usually consists of vegetables and a hearty meat such as pot roast or a roasted chicken. Sometimes we just make pancakes. Sunday is also the day I make a dessert. The gang opts for cookies most of the time. We all agree the extra effort to make a feast is worth it. It is a nice change to sit back and relax while enjoying good food that for once fills our bellies unlike the lighter weekly fare.

— Make Sunday dinner a time to relax, laugh, tell stories and enjoy the company.
— Invite friends and extended family over to share in the feast.
— Have breakfast for dinner or dinner for brunch.
— Learn to make a family recipe together.
— Get everyone involved. Make fresh rolls or bread together.
— Set the table. Take the time to lay a clean tablecloth and set out candles or flowers. Use the fine china. Let the family know this is a special day.
— Decide on casual or church dress.
— Practice your manners.
— Clean up together.
— Play board games afterward.