Family Togetherness: A Day at the Park

Artwork: “A Picnic Party” by: Blacklock William Kay

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My favorite area in San Francisco is the timeless scene of Golden Gate park. Upon entering the large grassy area we are greeted by dozens of blankets spread across the lawn. There are bicyclist, friendly games of frisbee, catch, and individuals practicing Tai Chi. But most of all the atmosphere is relaxed. I suppose the reason I enjoy it so much is because it reminds me of the long lost days spent at the beach as a child. We lived a mere five minutes from the beach providing a perfect afternoon of family fun. When we tired of building sand castles and riding the waves we could take a walk down the shore exploring the area for shells and wildlife.

A picnic at the park, lake or beach is always exciting. Schedule a family picnic once a week or once a month. Everyone will benefit from getting outdoors for some relaxation and fun.

Bring a blanket and a picnic lunch:
Pack a cooler with nourishing snacks and/or a healthy meal. Be sure to have lots of water especially if it is hot and sunny. Supply enough blankets so that everyone can lounge if needed.

If BBQ is on the menu do not forget wood/charcoal, lighter fluid and matches. The last thing you want is a bunch of hungry kids and no way to cook the main dish.

Pack safety items such as sunblock, hat, sunglasses and an umbrella for shade.

Bring activities and games to play together:
Soccer balls, Kick ball, Kite, Frisbees, Baseball- mit and bat, Horse Shoes, Card games, board games, Instruments, Art supplies, Books, swimming gear, bikes, scooter, fishing supplies, a favorite toy.

Other activities to do while on a family outing:
Watch the clouds, hunt for frogs, categorize birds-trees-flowers, sing songs, tell stories, have a race, play hide and seek.