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Family Togetherness: Sunday Brunch

Photo: Paul Horsch and his family during their Sunday dinner Courtesy of Art.com Sunday dinner at my Grandmother Jepson’s home was always pot roast with carrots and potatoes. As my Grandmother opened the front door to let us in the smell of roast accompanied by 

Family Togetherness: Traditions

Artwork: Home Dinner II (Family Series) by Yau Bee The smell of the hall closet in my home growing up is one of my favorite smells. The closet is where my mom stored all the Christmas boxes. I remember as a child becoming so anxious 

Chinese Year of the Ox

Happy New Year!

Today we celebrated Chinese New Year. This week we worked on making Chinese Lanterns and masks.

Today the kids thought it would be fun to make fortune cookies. Adelin made all the fortunes to hide inside.

For dinner we had Teriyaki Pork with noodles (for long life) and steamed broccoli and carrots. We had fortune cookies and orange slices (for a sweet life) for dessert.