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It’s A Good Morning Cream Cheese Bagles

Cream Cheese bagels with jalapenos

Years ago while I lived in South Florida I was unofficially adopted by my two most favorite people in the world Ty and Sheri Houck. Mind you I was 20 years old at the time when Ty referred to me as his orphan. I did not mind because I loved them dearly. The extended family that consisted of Ty’s mom, dad, sister and her husband were just as delightful. I looked forward to their visits. One morning Ty’s brother-n-law surprised us with his specialty,bagels with cream cheese topped with sliced green olives. That with a glass of oj by the pool over-looking the ocean was perfection.

I happened to have a bag of mini whole wheat bagels, whipped cream cheese and a jar of jalapenos. The only thing missing was my beloved family of friends.