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Making Time for the Family: Weekend Togetherness

For many households the weekend is encumbered with catching up on sleep, yard work, errands, DIY home projects and much needed recreation. As parents we need our time to unwind from a hectic work week. Fitting in time for the family can sometimes be just as hard on the weekend as during the weekdays; especially when older kids are involved.

Set aside at least a couple of hours for family on the weekend. Here are just a few examples of ways we can relax while spending time with our family:

0 I know a dad who enjoys a relaxing bike ride in the morning then spends a few hours in the afternoon with mom and the kids playing sports.

0 Chef Ramsey of “Hells Kitchen” and “Kitchen nightmares” gathers with his family for a mandatory Sunday brunch.

0 My brother-n-law enjoys cleaning with his family.

0 My friend Emi and her mom went to IHOP every Sunday morning for breakfast.

0 Maybe your family has a soccer player or a tike in t-ball. Arrive in force to cheer them on.

0 Cool off at the lake while enjoying a picnic or barbecue.

0 Take the family out on the boat in the summer or to play in the snow in the winter.

0 Go camping.

0 Complete a project together: gardening, home repairs, hobbies.

0 Go to the zoo, museum or theme park.

0 Serve the community.

0 In our family we like to pack a knapsack and head up into the mountains, go on a bike ride or nature walk around the block. Being outside away from the distractions allows us to open up, converse and listen to each other.