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Making Time for the Family: Good Morning Hello’s

The curtain opens on a bed, two people lost in dreamland. All of a sudden three little children come bursting into the room and pounce on the unmoving bumps hidden under the covers. Laughter ensues as the kids are tackled with tickles and kisses and pillows tossed in the air. The scene ends with mom and dad snuggling under the covers with their contented kids.

This scene is often played out in commercials or family movies but in our house it is more like a dangerous expedition into the unknown confines of a bear cave. Instead of a playful pillow fight our children are met with grunts and a mom and dad mulling over who’s turn it is to start the day at 6:00 in the morning.

I suppose we could enforce a habit by giving the kids a clock instructing them not to leave their rooms until a designated decent time. Or plug a nightlight into a timer to go off at an appropriate hour. But then I think about the other night when our five year old declared that he was too old for goodnight kisses. Soon our little ones will be competing to see who can sleep in the latest and I will be on the receiving end of the groggy grunts as I try to pry them out of bed for school.

So we try our best to muster up a smile and a polite good morning. We lift the covers to surprised angelic faces as they crawl in bed with us wiggling with refreshed energy. We trade mornings allowing the other to sleep in for a few more minutes.