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Making Time for the Family: Family Bike Night

Family bike night was an integral part of my early childhood. I can’t say when it stopped, most likely when our evenings were filled up with youth group, sports and scouts. I can remember a feeling of closeness to my family as we rode through the streets with the wind in our faces.

I wanted to create the same experience for our children for as long as possible. We have enjoyed cruising  around the neighborhood together and creating new adventures while riding to the park. It is a nice relaxing way to end the day or start one. Choose a night, or day, when all the kids are home such as a lazy Sunday afternoon. Sure the older ones will fight you about it at first but in reality they will not miss the TV show or the video game. If it is one thing I have learned even with little ones is deep down they will be glad of the effort even if they do not show it.