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Fun Affordable Halloween Costumes

For my birthday this year I received a large box stuffed with old family photos from my mom. I have to say it was a priceless gift that I enjoyed thoroughly. One of the pictures I liked most was a snapshot of a group of kids dressed up in their Halloween costumes. The moment in time captured in that photo was an era of innocence and simple fun. Costumes were made by either talented mothers or Grandmothers or assembled from items found around the house. I remember wearing mason jar rings on my ears one year when I was a gypsy.

I love Halloween. I always say it is my favorite Holiday that is until Christmas time when I am caught up in the glee. I find I can no longer allow my children to look at the costume magazines because the majority of the contents are gore. This year I noticed sites directed toward kids are filled with Halloween suggestions that are a little too much on the scary side rather than sweets pumpkins and black cats. So I decided to go back in time and find some fun costumes and other Halloween goodies that will tantalize a child’s soul and mind not scare him to bits.

I know that making your children homemade costumes is time consuming and when your time is limited who wants the added stress, right? I admit I have purchased my kids costumes for the past five years. So I am in no way pointing fingers. This year after I ordered my daughters mermaid costume for an insurmountable sum of money I came across the site for the mermaid costume listed below. I hit my forehead several times repeatedly telling myself “dummy, you could do that!” And for a fraction of the cost.

The experience also brought to mind a fun activity with a youth group I helped chaperon years ago. We loaded the kids up and took them to the local Goodwill. Each teen was allotted $5.00 to purchase items they needed to combine with something at home to create a Halloween costume with. They all had a blast and the costumes were a hoot.

Here are several links for cheap and simple fun costumes for kids. Good Luck, have fun and most of all Be Safe!

Card Board Box Robot Costume

Card Board Crocodile Costume:

Mermaid Costume

Recycled Butterfly Wings

Cat Costume

Princess Costume

Robin Hood Costume

So Cute Bunny Costume

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