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Fall Harvest Craft Session

Fall harvest Crafts Preshcool lesson

The theme for our latest craft session is the Fall Harvest. If you have seen my previous posts on gardening you will know I have a black thumb so unfortunately there was nothing to actually harvest here. However, at the end of our street is a corn field and not too much farther from our home is a cotton field.

We made ears of corn by gluing bubble wrap, cut in the shape of a corn cob, to a piece of construction paper also in the shape of a corn cob. Here we used yellow but you may also use green. We painted the bubble wrap with yellow paint. After the paint dried we glued on the husks, using green construction paper. Glue the corn to a piece of paper or to skewers to display.

Use a toilet paper or paper towel roll for the trunk of the tree. I happened to have an empty wrapping paper tube which allowed us to make various sizes of apple trees. Next, cut 1-2 inches off the bottom of a paper plate. Color the paper plate using green paint or markers. We used a sponge cut into a 1-inch square piece and dabbed the paint on. For the apples we used a 1/4-inch square piece of sponge and red paint.Cut a slit in the top of the tube to slide the paper plate into when dry.

Whole cloves are expensive at the grocery store. Instead shop your local dollar store or Big Lots. Push the cloves into the orange for a wonderful fall aroma. Make a design or completely cover the orange and display.