February Website Review: ChessJam

ChessJam began as a “What If?” idea in February of 2009 in response to an archaic cache of online chess websites. According to the ChessJam site the founders Greg and Sean, two avid chess players, wanted to determine which of the two was the uno supreme chess player. As they surfed the internet for a venue they quickly became discouraged by the unimpressive quality of online chess games. None of them delivered the modern graphic experience Sean and Greg were looking for. One thought led to a comment, several comments turned into the brillant idea to create their own online chess gaming site. They brought in Todd Williams in addition to a few other team members to help develop their creation. ChessJam was launched eight months later.

ChessJam was the first to launch instant online live chess games. Unlike its predecessors who could only provide games by correspondence, ChessJam could offer a live experience. When a player moves it is seen instantly.

ChessJam is currently free. You can download the program to your computer for offline play or connect with other chess players, beginner to advanced and children to adult, throughout the globe online. To begin you will need to register. Then just enter the castle and choose a door. They have since added live tournaments, Facebook integration and many other fun features. Happy Gaming!