Watermelon Frost Popsicles

I have dubbed my oldest son the official watermelon picker. I was certainly not gifted my Aunt Ruth’s talent for choosing sweet ripe watermelon. The trait was passed on to my son. After we had our fill of watermelon we made watermelon popsicles. A request from my son who liked the watermelon flavored ice water I made the week before. I happened to have a container of juice concentrate I was planning to use to flavor snow cones with. You can substitute pomegranate or cranberry juice for the concentrate, adding a little sugar if the mixture is not sweet enough.

Source: Two Peas in a Bucket

4-5 cups seeded cubed watermelon
6 strawberries, optional
6 ounces frozen berry fruit punch concentrate

Puree watermelon and fruit concentrate in blender. Divide among 16 small popsicle molds and freeze.