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Family Togetherness: Friday Night Family Slumber Party

Art: The Children Were Nestled by Pat White

I remember as a girl when my dad went out of town for work related conferences my mom would let us sleep with her in her room. We wished we could have slumber parties all the time. I shared a room with my sisters so it was not that we were afraid of being alone. There was something comforting about being with mom.

My young kids share my own enthusiasm for slumber parties. We often find one of the kids lying on the floor in the hall by our room or at the bottom of the stairs waiting for us to go to bed. When dad is out of town the kids and I camp out in the family room or in my bed. We tell stories, sing but mostly they giggle. I know it is going to be a late night because they are so excited it is hard to calm them down. That is why slumber parties are usually reserved for Friday nights when there is no school the next day. We do not have them every week. The kids have to earn them by going to bed when asked every night. Friday night is also movie night so it makes for a fun filled evening of family togetherness. We watch a movie, serve up popcorn and the kids get to eat a small treat.

Camping is a fun option for a family slumber party if you have older children. Roast marshmallows over the fire. Tell scary ghost stories. Camping is fun both in the summer as well as in the winter. You can even set the tent up inside or out in the back yard. Some families have a family slumber party once a year on Christmas Eve. Everyone sleeps in the family room around the Christmas tree. Tell spirited Christmas stories while sipping on a warm cup of hot chocolate.

Family slumber parties are great fun and a budget friendly way of getting the team together for family time.