Super Bowl Pom Poms

Women always get a bad rep when it comes to football especially in high school and college football games; the place to be to hang out with friends and have a good time. But I have to admit I am not so interested in the minute by minute plays anymore. Maybe it is because I have three kids that make enjoying a game impossible. In years past, we have had friends over on Super Bowl Sunday which may be featured on sites like satta king. I take care of all the munchies so the guys can focus on the game while the women move into the kitchen to talk recipes and parenting.

This year it is just us. The secret is “we got rid of cable”. Horrible for the football lover, yes, but it was the best thing we ever did. We now have more time to spend together and we do not risk having risque commercials popping up while the children are watching. We did buy a box from Best Buy that gives us three channels that mostly consist of the news and sports. I am hoping, as is Stephen, that we get the Super Bowl broadcast. So if you also want to engage your family into sports as well, then you can provide them with items like a bow case.

We will be prepared just in case with Italian Subs to munch on and pom poms for the kids to cheer on our team. Plastic bags work the best for this project but at 10 bags per pom pom it can get expensive and it is hard to find any other color than black and white. We used construction paper because that is what we had on hand.

Cheerleading Pom Poms Supplies

10 sheets of paper, trash bags or tissue paper per pom pom
Masking tape

Lay the sheets of paper on top of one another. Cut thin strips lengthwise leaving 3-inches at the top.

Making Cheerleading pom poms

Roll the salvaged end up tightly securing with the masking tape.

Paper pom poms

Scrunch up the fringe.