Chinese New Year Dragon Puppets

new_chinese_dragon-by Brittany Mei Hill

Artwork by: Brittany Mei Hill

In our home we enjoy learning about other cultures and their traditions. Last year for Chinese New Year we made lanterns and masks and fortune cookies. This year for our New Year’s craft we are making dragons.

Chinese New Year Dragons

In China, the dragon is a sacred animal. The legend has it that the dragon hibernates in the ocean in the autumn until spring when it ascends to the sky, bringing with it much needed rains. The dragon dance is a major highlight of the New Year celebration. It is believed to bring good fortune and power.

To make a dragon puppet for a Chinese New Year parade you will need the following:

Paper bags
Streamers in various colors or ribbon

Begin by using the markers to draw a face or designs on the bag. Then glue on strips of the crepe paper or ribbons and any decorations you choose. Let the dragons dry completely.