May Website Review: The Little Travelers

I have been following The Little Travelers for sometime. I love the idea of making a new dish representing a different country each week as well as the magical stories about this adorable family and their adventures. Angelina Hart is the creative genius behind The Little Travelers. She grew up in America the daughter of two German immigrants. Her passion for travel is the inspiration behind The Little Travelers. Angelina explored parts of the world before taking a hiatus to become a stay at home mom. When her daughters were 3 and 5 the urge to travel propelled the trio to set off on a journey to Japan.

The Little Travelers a unique insight into the vast beauty of the landscapes and enriching cultures that make up our world. Each adventure, big and small, is a refreshing lesson on the importance of allowing our children to be kids. Angelina’s laid back style promotes a love of learning in her children. Through their travels they have learning to savor some of earth’s most intimate details.

Documentaries are available for purchase. They contain their daily life living in places such as Japan, Germany, Bali, The British Isles, and Iran. Mom’s blog is a perfect place to start perusing. Jump over the kids blog to see what they are cooking up this week.