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February’s Website Review: Chowhound

Last summer Stephen and I had a much needed get-a-way for a few days in Half Moon Bay. A million thanks to our nieces Roxy and Tori. Half Moon Bay is a quaint little (what I call surfer) town by the ocean south of San Francisco. I was hoping to come back with a couple of recipes to share but no such luck. The first night Stephen decided to drive back inland to a commercial restaurant. The whole part of getting away was to escape capitalism and enjoy a simple relaxing weekend. I know he is reluctant to try new restaurants and if you have ever watched Kitchen Nightmares with Chef Ramsey, you would be hesitant too. We do not get out much, so when we do we stick to the tried and true.

On the second night of our stay, we decided to try the Crab Shack adjacent to the hotel, which by the way was amazing and worth the money. The hotel was amazing, not the crab shack. The restaurant was packed and the wait long; usually the sign of a decent fare. If we had checked with foodies on Chowhound we would have known not to go there. Stephen uses the GPS while I confer with Chowhound.