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Book Review: Elephant and Piggie Series

I was suckered into joining the Children’s Book of the Month Club last year. What can I say, we love books around here. If there is a major holiday that warrants gifts you can bet the kids are getting a book from us. Doesn’t sound very fun; but, books are one of the few things the kids never loose interest in.

So far I have been responsible enough to decline all the monthly selections before they ended up at my house. This month I got a little busy and forgot. I was just about to send the package ‘return to sender’ when curiosity got the better of me. Usually I can go online and see what books are the featured selection of the month past and present, but surprisingly revamped their site. In the end I tore into the package.

We love Elephant and Piggy. It is the tale of two best friends who love to have fun; one a little more reserved than the other. The way they interact reminds me so much of Adelin and Mason. Mo Willems, the author and creator of Pigeon, packs a whole lot of humor and fun into the award winning tales in the Elephant and Piggy series.