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Eliminating Debt By Spending Less and Using What you Already Have

Everything costs more these days. Only a short while ago I could purchase 10 ears of corn for a dollar. Now they sell for .50 cents an ear. With the cost of just about everything on the rise the hum in the air is how […]

Menu in the Mix

If you are new to creating a menu, it can seem daunting a first. I use my computer, but a pad of paper or a calendar works fine. Start off simple. You could begin by selecting a theme for each day of the week. Something […]

How to Lower Your Grocery Bill- Keeping track of what you spend

Seeing what you actual spend on groceries may surprise you. Writing down what I spend weekly, keeps my spending in check. I know exactly where I went overboard and I can plan ahead for the upcoming week.

To lower your grocery bill, begin by figuring out what you actually spend each month on groceries. Keep track of every purchase, no matter how small. List the item, how much of that particular item you bought and the total price. I also include a column for miscellaneous tips such as prices at varying stores.

If you have a hard time reining in your spending, try dividing your grocery allotment by four. Then, take out a week’s worth of cash each week to spend on groceries. Once it is gone, it is gone. If you don’t spend it all in one week, set the money aside to stock up on loss leaders (sale items) another week.