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August Website Review:

Our August website review is just in time for back to school lunch box shopping. was created by Meg, a stay-at-home mom concerned with the excess waste produced in school cafeterias. Her website is not only directed at children. Hungry adults can find tasty […]

February Website Review:

Instructables is sort of like a combination of YouTube and in one jazzy spot. A few of my favorite posts are how to build your own BBQ-Barrel. Or how to make chainmaille from soda pop tabs. How to make a PVC pipe lego table. […]

May Website Review:

Jill Fehrenbacher is the Founder and Editor-in-Chief of; a weblog devoted to tracking sustainable living trends in design innovation.’s philosophy considers not only design, but also the materials used, practices, function and purpose. They are somewhat frustrated with the growing hype on “Green Design”. Simply stating “good design is not about color, style or trends – but instead about thoughtfully considering the user, the experience, the social context and the impact of an object on the surrounding environment.” “No design can be considered good design unless it at least attempts to address some of these concerns.”

In the summer of 2008 was born. Jill was pregnant anxiously awaiting the arrival of her first baby. For many, the birth of their first child marks a turning point and often times an urge to step back, slow down and most recently ‘go green’ by way of housing the use of organic products and food. Committed to the belief “that becoming a parent doesn’t have to mean sacrificing style or ideals”, Jill launched her campaign in “sustainable design for the next generation“. Inhabitots is a supplement website created for children and parents who are interested in sustainable modern design for kids.