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Ways to Say I Love You! on Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is not far afoot. What do you have planned to surprise your little, and big, cuties on the day of LOVE? We have a few ideas to tickle your loved ones pink come the 14th.

Orange Spice Banana Bread

This orange spice banana bread smells absolutely amazing. The aroma fills the house with the pungent fall spices. It is so hard to wait until the bread is completely cooled before pinching off a nibble. The most important tips I can pass on is to […]

Recycled Trash Into Treasures

If you are still not sure what to gift this upcoming holiday season take a look at all the things you can make from recycling items you may already have at home. and is home to some really great quick last minutes gift giving ideas.

Plastic Bottle Fairy Houses
Cardboard Doll House
Foam Board Dollhouse
Fabric Dollhouse
Tube Bracelets
Pillowcase Tote Bag
Baby Sock Advent Calendar
Towel Kittens
Fabric Garland

Recycled Can Ornaments
Necktie Purse
Cardboard Coasters

22 Uses for CDs: CD Lamp
Paper Bag Art Journal
Placemat Scrapbook

Plastic bottle Wire
Magnet Bottlecaps
Vertical Hanging Herb Garden

Bowl Lampshades
Cardboard Butterfly Observatory