Memories and healthy recipes for your dinner table.


Handprint Easter Lillies

Here is a fun super fast craft that will bring giggles and smiles to the Easter brunch table. Source: Family Fun Supplies: white and green card stock (regular paper is fine) yellow pipe cleaners straws scissors pencil Trace your child’s hand print onto a piece […]

A Very Merry “Happy Day” To You!

We have what we call a Happy Day Party; inspired by the scene of the Mad Hatter from the book Alice in Wonderland. When the vibe around the house becomes highly contentious, it is time to step back and start over. So, we break out […]

Spice Up Dinner Time With A Theme Party

Back when I was in college I worked at Rag Tops, a car dealership in West Palm Beach that specializes in convertibles, hence the name Ragtops, and classic cars. When the owners, Ty and Sheri were married they had a reception at Ragtops. The building is from the 1920’s, three stories high and packed with fun and amazing memorabilia from art deco to 50’s retro. I am thinking the same thing they must have thought, “who wouldn’t want to have a party here!” And so Party Perfect was born.

We hosted a myriad of parties centered around themes for fortune 500 companies to private individuals. We had The Great Gatsby, Sock Hop’n 50’s, The psychedelic 60’s, Bar Mitzvahs and Halloween to name a few. When I moved away I took my love of parties with me. Once a month I hosted a theme party for a few friends. Each month the list of invited guests changed. It was not long before friends and acquaintances who had heard about the parties were begging to be on the next months list of invited guests. The parties were simple. Just food and decorations. But, just like at Ragtops, my friends eyes lite up and their spirits danced at the site of good food and fun lovely decorations. It was something different and out of the ordinary.

I can’t think of a kid who does not get excited at the mention of the word party, a majority of adults included. Theme parties need not be confined to holidays and cultural cuisines. There are decades, seasons, special occassions, western, luau, sports, favorite movie, Hollywood, casino, music, everything made like a pie night, sing for your supper, mystery dinner, circus, royalty, alien, safari, pirate and the list goes on.

We like to keep the decorations and menu simple and inexpensive. Balloons and streamers, maybe a strand of lights, homemade hats or centerpieces. When Mason and Adelin hear the words party night they can’t wait to dive into the craft cabinet to make decorations. It is one way we have been able to add a little spice and excitement to dinner.

A Tradition of Family Chocolatiers

As far back as I can remember, making chocolates for Easter, Valentine’s Day and Christmas has been a life long family tradition. We used to give our homemade confections to friends, teachers, classmates, and even sold a few for Easter and Valentine’s Day for some […]

Strengthening Family Ties: The Creative Family

This year it has been my quest to simplify our lives and home. I used to subscribe to the more playgroups the better school of thought; rationalizing my children needed to be among their peers. That has since changed as I feel we are each […]

Memories, Family and Food


I felt the warmth of Christmas:

Christmas lights

I was on my way over to a friends house this evening to help them with a project. As I was driving I noticed the sparkles of Christmas lights and felt cozy. It was a nice end to a hectic day.

Mason created and wrote down his concoction, I mean recipe:

Mason wanted to know if he could help me cook dinner. His recipe was not part of the menu but he was so determined to cook his own “dish” that I gave up all reservations about money. He started out  right with sugar, baking powder and flour. Then he went awry with black pepper, vinegar- sesame and apple cider, vegetable oil, vital wheat gluten, vanilla, wheat flour, onions, a boiled egg, asparagus and a few more items I lost track of. Proud of his accomplishment, even after the taste test, he proceeded to write it all down.

I shared a smile with my Gran-daddy:


Every time I look at these glasses I am reminded of my Grandmother and Gran-daddy Jepson, who have since passed on. As far back as I can remember they had a set of polka dot glasses. They were completely from the seventies with the brown and orange but they represented Sunday dinner at my grandparents house. The smell of a pot roast in the oven, paper mache dolls on the shelf, the candy dish, the coolest beaded knick-knack trees and Grand-daddy’s iced tea in a brown and orange polka dot glass cup.

The Simple Home and the Imaginative Child

At the end of the day, the last thing I want to do is clean. I sometimes stare at the horde of toys before me and wonder how my siblings and I ever conquered childhood with such a minimal collection. I began this year on […]


As a young boy, my mom and Aunts would rave about my grandfather’s pizza. I asked him once how he made his pizza so “good”. He responded in a Mr. Miyagi type pearl of wisdom, “You just have to love pizza”. I took away from […]