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Peppery Irish Beef Stew

Photo: Property of The Good Mood Food Blog Traditional Irish stew begins with mutton (or lamb). It includes onions and other root vegetables such as turnips, carrots and potatoes. The use of Guinness beer in Irish beef stew is as Irish as the St. Patrick’s […]

Italian Steak and Bread Salad

I enjoy making my own croutons, because they have more flavor than the store-bought kind. It is also another way of using up day-old bread or the crust cut off of the kids sandwiches. I changed the original recipe up a bit mostly because I […]

How to Lower Your Grocery Bill – Save on Meat

A friend of mine was telling me about the bulk package of pork tenderloins she purchased at Costco and how fast they all went. When I told her that one package generally lasts two to three months for us she could not believe me. Then I told her that one thick cut pork chop, depending on how I cook it will feed two of us or the whole family.

Because meat is so expensive it usually is the first thing to go for some when they are trying to save on groceries. I learned how to keep a lean budget and still have meat on The article How to Feed a Family of Four on $200 a Month suggested tapping into local resources. I had never thought about buying a side of beef from a local rancher. Where I live we have a meat market that is supplied by local ranchers and offers great deals on a variety pack of meats. I also buy in bulk from Costco or catch bargains at the supermarket & stock up. To protect my investment I promptly divide the bulk packages up into portions, seal them in freezer bags or use the food saver and freeze.

Whole chickens are a great buy because I can usually get three dinners out of one chicken plus extras for lunch to make sandwiches. Salads, casseroles, soups, Mexican cuisine and Stir-fry’s are great ways to stretch your meat. When we do have meat I fillet it, chop it or shred it to extend it. For our family of five I typically use 1 to 2 chicken breasts, salmon steaks, pork chops or beef steaks. We also have at least one meatless dinner each week. Substitutes might include beans, lentils, vegetables or cheese.