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Easy Crock Pot Chicken

This recipe was THE popular weekly dinner menu item with my circle of friends. No one knew exactly where it came from, though. One person thought it was this person’s, and that person thought it was someone else, and that person thought it was….. well you get the picture. I followed all the someone’s back to my friend Cathy Carter. She got the recipe from her Grandmother. Then one day when I was looking through a cookbook of crock pot recipes, low and behold there it was, but with a slight variation. Once you try it you’ll know why it is a favorite.

1 packet Italian salad dressing mix
1 (8 oz) package cream cheese
1 can cream of chicken soup (cream of celery or mushroom can be substituted)
6 chicken breasts

Place all the ingredients in the crock pot. Cook on low for 4-6 hours. Serve over rice or noodles.

Now for the variations: For the fat free version, in place of the cream cheese and cream of soup use a cup of water. For the less fat version, omit the cream cheese. I have also made this dish on the stove top.

6 thoughts on “Easy Crock Pot Chicken”

  • I made this recipe one day because I was looking to save some time and love coming home from work and having my dinner already done in the crockpot. This recipe was SOO yummy! I highly recommend this to any mom that wants a good home cooked meal with no muss or fuss. It was extremely easy to make!

  • Has anyone ever tried this with Neufchatel cheese (lower fat) or fat free cream cheese and low-fat cream of chicken soup? Does it taste as good or does it alter the flavor?

  • If you use a better brand of low fat or fat free cream cheese such as Philadelphia I would say you should not notice a difference. The cheaper brands or store brand have an off taste that I can notice. But I can never tell the difference when I use Philadelphia brand cream cheese. The only time I would be cautious about using fat free cream cheese is when baking. The fat free cream cheese does not set up as well so unless specified stick to the full fat version.
    Low fat cream of chicken soup is what I use and it is fine.

  • we know this one as cream cheese chicken. my friend kelly came to visit when our daughter was born and cooked for me. she made this and many other similar type meals and froze them in storage bags with cooking instructions on the label. so as we needed we could pull a wonderful meal out of the freezer.

  • Hi, do you need to brown the chicken breasts before putting them in the crock pot or just put them in raw? What are the stove top directions? Thanks!!