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Breakfast Bagel with Cream Cheese Egg and Salsa

Cream Cheese Bagels with Egg and Salsa

When I lived in West Palm Beach Florida, a friend of mine and I would roller blade from her apartment five miles to the New York Bagel shop, devour an everything bagel toasted with light cream cheese and a hot chocolate. On the way back we would stop by the pool to swim laps. By the time we made it back to her apartment we passed out on the couches from pure exhaustion.

Now that I am not coasting the 10 miles to burn off a bagel I placed them on my unfortunate catastrophes list. Never to enjoy again.  The grocery store carries mini bagels that are the perfect size for little kids and adults alike. At 70 calories for the whole bagel I can enjoy a simple pleasure once again.

Whole wheat mini bagel, toasted or untoasted
Cream cheese

Cook eggs according to preference. Slather cream cheese on a half of a bagel. Top with a portion of cooked egg and a dollop of salsa.

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