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The Traveling Snack Bag

While we teach the kids the importance of sharing, sometimes it is better to choose your battles. So it is with the case of the one-eyed woolly monster. My friend relayed a story once about her husband and cereal. Growing up, it was first come, first serve. If you lagged behind, there was a pretty good chance you would not eat or find disappointment that your favorite cereal was all gone. To compensate, the boys would overeat on their share of cereal.

Some days, my kids behave like they are going to starve to death fighting over who holds the snack bag; or how much the other can have. They act like a one-eyed woolly monster; a term I got from Caillou. His mom used a similar term to describe his moody and selfish behavior. To remedy the problem, I give them each their own snack bag. When we travel, it is the same. They each get to pack a lunch and snacks. They enjoy being in charge of their own bag. Many times, they surprise us and offer to share their snacks with a hungry brother or sister who has gulped theirs all up.

2 thoughts on “The Traveling Snack Bag”

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  • My kids also need their own snack bags or else there will be a huge fight and the ziploc will eventually break. Better to pack an extra bag than clean cereal all over the van!