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Movie Night at the Drive-in

I have always loved movies. Some of my clearest childhood memories are of going to the movies. I can remember the whole family going to the drive-in and another time sitting on my dad’s lap watching Raider’s of the Lost Ark.

During the summer, our local movie theater hosts a free movie day every week. The feature films are all G-rated kid friendly films. I have not attended a free movie day yet because, the thought of my kids taking off in a packed theater does not interest me at all. However, a couple of years ago we met a couple who told us about one of their favorite summer family activities. As we were sitting on the couch in their front room, they excitedly told us about one of their favorite things to do during the summer, is going to the drive-in theater. The best part was when they told us that they take their work truck and load the couches on the flat bed to watch the movie in comfort.

Another way to enjoy the comforts of home, is to host your own drive-in theater. If you have younger children, help them make their own cars out of cardboard boxes. Set up a “Snack Bar” and a ticket booth. Set a price for each item. Give each child enough fake currency to buy a ticket and snacks.

If you have the money, teenagers and are tech savvy an inflatable projection screen for the backyard is worth checking out.