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Memories, Family and Food


I felt the warmth of Christmas:

Christmas lights

I was on my way over to a friends house this evening to help them with a project. As I was driving I noticed the sparkles of Christmas lights and felt cozy. It was a nice end to a hectic day.

Mason created and wrote down his concoction, I mean recipe:

Mason wanted to know if he could help me cook dinner. His recipe was not part of the menu but he was so determined to cook his own “dish” that I gave up all reservations about money. He started out  right with sugar, baking powder and flour. Then he went awry with black pepper, vinegar- sesame and apple cider, vegetable oil, vital wheat gluten, vanilla, wheat flour, onions, a boiled egg, asparagus and a few more items I lost track of. Proud of his accomplishment, even after the taste test, he proceeded to write it all down.

I shared a smile with my Gran-daddy:


Every time I look at these glasses I am reminded of my Grandmother and Gran-daddy Jepson, who have since passed on. As far back as I can remember they had a set of polka dot glasses. They were completely from the seventies with the brown and orange but they represented Sunday dinner at my grandparents house. The smell of a pot roast in the oven, paper mache dolls on the shelf, the candy dish, the coolest beaded knick-knack trees and Grand-daddy’s iced tea in a brown and orange polka dot glass cup.