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Making Colored Paper with Food Coloring

The kids were playing with the salad spinner while I was making dinner. Adelin asked what it was so we washed some lettuce and put it in the spinner. Then I remembered a project in Gadgetology. Place a sheet of paper in the spinner, add food coloring and spin. I do not think ours turned out right. Bummed we put the bowl in the sink and cleaned up for dinner. After dinner when I went to wash the bowl we made a lovely discovery. The paper we used had turned yellow from the food coloring and water.

Excited we pulled out baking sheets, paper, food coloring, a spray bottle with water and a squirt bottle with water. We placed our sheets of paper in the baking sheet. Dropped several drops of food coloring and added water. The kids had a blast mixing colors.

We had to carefully remove the paper from the pan to avoid tearing it. We layed them on a sheet of foil to dry overnight.