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Happy Thanksgiving Kid Style

Thanksgiving is over and I feel like a stuffed turkey. I fasted all day so I could enjoy a few extra calories at dinner time and not feel too guilty. My guilty pleasure was my Grandmother’s blue cheese ball. I nearly devoured half of it single-handedly.

This Thanksgiving was my first. In the past we always went to Stephen’s parents or sister’s houses. This year, with everyone out of state, we wanted a nice relaxing kid friendly Thanksgiving. The meal was simple. I know it is Thanksgiving dinner we are talking about here but I could not bring myself to whip up numerous carb loaded dishes. Besides with four adults and three little children we did not need that much. We stuck to the basics of turkey, stuffing, corn on the cob roasted vegetables and salad.

Here are a few things Mason and Adelin did to help with the decorations.

Fall Harvest Necklaces: Use string or plain dental floss,  popcorn, a variety of dried fruits.

Thanksgiving placemats: A fun way to teach patterns and weaving.

Thanksgiving hats. The instructions for the Pilgrim Bonnet can be found here.

The centerpiece: The Mayflower