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Gratitude Thank You Cards

It was the beginning of October and I felt I was going to make Halloween without a rush this year. Then all of a sudden it was two days before Halloween and I was in a crunch. If feels like when I fall behind on tasks I am perpetually trying to catch up. Here I am the week before Thanksgiving (I had to catch myself from saying Christmas) and I have yet to sit down and write my yearly gratitude cards.

I have felt a little out of sorts as of late. Falling back into old habits instead of progressing forward. It took our latest trip to the Bay Area to snap out of it. Sometimes I need to step away from the day to day to see what a mess I am making and where changes need to be made. I discovered the kids and I have not created much since Halloween. We have been busy, but; with what I don’t have an answer.

Three years ago I received a card from a friend expressing her feelings of gratitude and a few life lessons learned from…me. Every year she thinks back through the year for people who have been a positive influence on her. I loved the idea so much the following year I started my own tradition. I had a ton of catching up to do. There are so many wonderful people who I have had the opportunity of knowing.

Sitting down and putting my thoughts about why I loved these amazing individuals was a thrilling experience. By the time I finished the last card I was sobbing from sheer joy. Gratitude is a powerful emotion. The key to happiness. When we can step out of the day to day to reflect on our blessings and where they come from we find joy. We want to exhibit kindness. We want to serve and uplift those around us because we care. Our lives become meaningful.