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Family Togetherness: Wednesday Breakfast


“Frukostdags” by Hanna Pauli

Wednesday morning breakfasts appeared one day without any solicitation on my part. On Wednesday mornings I like to make pancakes. They make for a nice variation from the typical egg burritos or oatmeal. One Wednesday morning I was surprised to discover the whole family sitting at the kitchen table ready to eat. I know the kids were just as delighted as I was to have dad at the breakfast table. The kitchen was filled with smiles and laughter as we shared our crazy dreams and our anticipation for the day ahead. The usual rush of morning events was placed on hold as if the world had stopped and time had ceased to exist. When breakfast was over we each went about our routine happy as larks. I find my heart swelling within my bosom each Wednesday as I turn around to see everyone present at the table. I love the closeness we feel as we sit down together in the middle of the week. There are never any stragglers. They are all there because they want to be. I like it.

Often times it can be difficult to cram a family dinner  in with late week night activities. Setting aside one morning out of the week allows us to reconnect and can provide a relaxing start to the day.  Give the family a question to think about during the day. Share profound quotes from classic literature or tell stories. Most of all have fun.