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Saint Nicholas Feast Day: Breakfast with Santa

Saint Nicholas of Myra

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The legend of Saint Nick began with a real man. And while he did not fly a reindeer-powered sleigh or slide down chimneys, he did become famous for his gift-giving.

Saint Nicholas was born in Lycia (modern-day Turkey) in the fourth century AD into a wealthy family. Upon the death of his parents he received a considerable inheritance, but he kept none of it. While he was still a boy, Nicholas was chosen by the people of Myra to be their new bishop. But it wasn’t long before the king began persecuting the Christians, and the new bishop was imprisoned. Eventually Saint Nicholas was released living the remainder of his life rendering kindness and charity to others.

The most famous story of his generosity was about a desperate poverty-stricken man. The old man knew that without a dowry his daughters would never marry and so was prepared to sell his three daughters into slavery. Saint Nicholas heard about the old man’s plight and for three nights as everyone slept, he slipped past the man’s window and tossed in a bag of gold. The money was enough to provide a dowry for all three daughters.

Eventually, in Northern Europe his name was changed to Father Christmas or Santa Claus. In many parts of the world, December 6 is celebrated as Saint Nicholas Feast Day, reserving Christmas day for the religious observance of Christ’s birth. On the eve of this feast day children fill their shoes with carrots and hay, for the white horse Saint Nicholas rode, and leave them by the fireplace. When they wake they find them stuffed with oranges, chocolate coins, nuts and small gifts.

This year celebrate December 6th with a Breakfast feast. Below is a list of some kid friendly breakfast foods. It is certainly not limited. After the feast perform a service project such as leaving an anonymous basket with goodies on someones doorstep or raking the leaves or shoveling snow in your neighbors yard.

Breakfast with Santa menu:


Hot Chocolate

Orange Juice


-Main Course-


Sausage or Bacon

Scrambled Eggs



Bagels with Cream Cheese


Oatmeal Bar

Omelet Bar

Cranberry Chicken Salad Croissants