Recycled Trash Into Treasures

If you are still not sure what to gift this upcoming holiday season take a look at all the things you can make from recycling items you may already have at home. and is home to some really great quick last minutes gift 

Family Togetherness: Sunday Family Counsel

Photo: property of Lily Jane Stationery With the start of school also means the addition of all the extra curricular activities. Household schedules can become pretty hectic. Sunday Family Counsel is a way to meet up with the rest of the family to plan the 

October Resolution: Face the Lion- Accomplish a Difficult Task

Photo: “Dandelions” by Kitchen Table Medicine, Source: Courtesy Photo Bucket I am a horrible test taker. To this day I get sweaty palms and start to second guess myself. I learned in college that the answers to the tests were not straight out of the 

October Website Review: On Being Frugal

This month’s website review covers several websites. I am sure there are thousands of fabulous sites that offer the latest in coupons and deals. These are just a few of my favorites from this year. I use them all. It takes me about an hour 

Raising A Leader

To become a successful leader kids need to learn responsibility somewhere. That begins in the home when they are young by building their confidence through applauding small achievements. Some may have negative feelings toward chores because of the way they were brought up. I know 

May Website Review:

Jill Fehrenbacher is the Founder and Editor-in-Chief of; a weblog devoted to tracking sustainable living trends in design innovation.’s philosophy considers not only design, but also the materials used, practices, function and purpose. They are somewhat frustrated with the growing hype on “Green 

The Traveling Snack Bag

While we teach the kids the importance of sharing, sometimes it is better to choose your battles. So it is with the case of the one-eyed woolly monster. My friend relayed a story once about her husband and cereal. Growing up, it was first come, 

I Love Cleaning My Kitchen Table Chairs

I did it. I covered my chair cushions with clear vinyl from the fabric store. I know for years it was a decor no-no. I thought so, until I saw a picture in “Traditional Home”. If Clinton and Stacy from “What not to Wear” were 

Neighborhood Yard Sale

With the arrival of Spring, home improvement centers often showcase storage and organization products to aide with the task of spring cleaning. This is the time to go through each room and determine what needs to go and what can stay. The experts suggest using 

Spring Cleaning I Can Handle

I scoffed at the weatherman last year when he announced it was officially Fall. 90 degrees does not constitute Fall in my head. Fall is warm sweaters, a crisp to the air, and apples. It is the middle of January and heavy coats and boots