Memories and healthy recipes for your dinner table.

RECIPES – Soup / Salad

Champagne Vinaigrette Salad Dressing

I prefer homemade dressing any day over the store bought stuff. I know there are those out there who do not share my love namely my father-n-law who recently was pondering over how humanity got along before Ranch dressing was invented. Champagne vinaigrette happens to […]

Chicken Spinach Salad with Potatoes and Warm Mustard Dressing

When it is 109 degrees outside the last thing I want to do is stand in the hot kitchen cooking. This week our meals have mostly consisted of dinner salads. They are fast, easy and there is not a lot of clean up. In this […]

Chicken and Corn Chowder with Sweet Potatoes

The combination of sweet potatoes and muffin mix was the deciding factor in trying this version of corn chowder. Surprisingly the soup was light with a hint of sweet. Source: Cook’s Country serves 6-8 3 cups whole milk 1 cup yellow corn Jiffy muffin mix […]

Watermelon, Feta and Grilled Shrimp Salad

This salad is by far one of my favorite summer dinnertime passions. I love seafood. It is one food Florida offered plenty of while the valley of California does not. While I lived in Texas a friend of mine would drive to the coast about […]

Cheap and Tasty: Super Quick Minestrone

I really jumped on the eating fresh band wagon years ago when I spotted Michael Chiarello on the Food Network. His dishes looked amazing. He made making gnocchi and tomato puree look so simple. In some recipes that call for pancetta I will go ahead […]

Broccoli Feta and Cherry Tomato Salad

My mom was queen of the pasta salad. Not the kind smothered with dressings or dripping with sauce. Rather simply flavored with a smidgen of salad dressing. Enough to give a little flavor. I learned how to basically clean out the frige and turn odds and […]

Balsamic Chicken with Avocado and Radish Salad

Sometime ago a friend of mine and I were discussing the cons of eating healthy. We both agreed that every now and then after eating perfect portions of lean proteins, limited carbs and a staple of fresh fruits and veggies we craved a hefty steak […]

Fiesta Taco Salad

A couple of years ago, all the older kids wanted for dinner was pizza, hot dogs or mac and cheese. Just having baby number three, I complied for a little while until I could get back on my feet. I began asking friends what they […]

Mexican Pozole and Hominy Soup

Every Grandmother has their own recipe for Pozole (or sometimes spelled Posole). My favorite recipe comes from a friend of mine, Mary Rodriques, from Freemont, Texas. She also gave me the recipe for Baked Summer Veggies. The experience of eating Pozole comes from adding your […]

Glazed Salmon on Green and Orange Salad

Good Seasons used to make a nice make-it-yourself Asian salad dressing. Sadly I can never find the Asian flavor or Cesar at any of the grocery stores in the area. I used the dressing from an Asian spinach salad recipe and omitted the OJ. Source: […]