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Eliminating Debt By Spending Less and Using What you Already Have

Everything costs more these days. Only a short while ago I could purchase 10 ears of corn for a dollar. Now they sell for .50 cents an ear. With the cost of just about everything on the rise the hum in the air is how […]

How to Lower Your Grocery Bill- Using Coupons

Extreme shoppers can slice as much as 50% – 60% off their monthly grocery bill just by using coupons and waiting until the item goes on sale. If it is not on sale, they do not buy it. They stock up on the items they […]

Menu in the Mix

If you are new to creating a menu, it can seem daunting a first. I use my computer, but a pad of paper or a calendar works fine. Start off simple. You could begin by selecting a theme for each day of the week. Something […]

How to Lower Your Grocery Bill – At the Grocery Store

My goal going into the year has been to simplify and organize. Top priority on my list…lower what I spend on groceries each month. I have learned a few things over the past year.  With a great deal of planning I was able to make […]

How to Lower Your Grocery Bill – Save on Meat

A friend of mine was telling me about the bulk package of pork tenderloins she purchased at Costco and how fast they all went. When I told her that one package generally lasts two to three months for us she could not believe me. Then […]

How to Lower Your Grocery Bill- Keeping track of what you spend

Seeing what you actual spend on groceries may surprise you. Writing down what I spend weekly, keeps my spending in check. I know exactly where I went overboard and I can plan ahead for the upcoming week. To lower your grocery bill, begin by figuring […]

The Frugal Pantry

Two years ago, we were faced with a difficult financial dilemma.  It was the second week of the month and I had to make the decision to pay bills, or buy groceries. I decided to try to make it another two weeks on what we […]

Beginners Raspberry Jam 101

Over the weekend, Stephen took the kids to his parent’s house while I went on an adventure with a friend to pick raspberries. The Sweetwater Berry Farm is located about an hour north of us up in the mountains in Ahwahnee California. We splurged and […]

How to Budget and Stay Out of Debt

A budget is an extremely important tool to help you stay on top of your spending to ensure you do not go into debt. For those individuals who are already in debt, a budget will help put spending habits into perspective. Change is a lengthy […]

Cleanup With Green/Homemade Cleaners.

When my kids are bored I illicit their help with cleaning the house in addition to their regular chores. They are still young enough not to mind. Even the baby likes to help out. I learned how to make my own cleaning products a couple […]