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November Website Review: Living in the Woods and Making Stuff

Photo: The Cabin in the Fall, Property of Living in the Woods and Making Stuff

Living in the Woods is one of my favorite websites because every time I read a post I feel like I am right there in the woods with Torrey cooking okra or roasting chestnuts. I admire most her simple down to earth rustic style. A small cabin in the woods. A fruitful harvest to make lovely scrumptious meals from. I especially enjoy the recipes she puts together using ingredients I would not readily know what to do with. It is similar to my other favorite website the Good Mood Food Blog that uses all fresh seasonal vegetables. Time seems to slow down when I am in the kitchen with Torrey. It is like reading a good book and getting lost in the adventure. Curl up in a snugly warm blanket and enjoy the flavors of Fall on Living in the Woods and Making Stuff.