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Spring Cleaning I Can Handle

I scoffed at the weatherman last year when he announced it was officially Fall. 90 degrees does not constitute Fall in my head. Fall is warm sweaters, a crisp to the air, and apples. It is the middle of January and heavy coats and boots have been put aside for lighter jackets. I waited so long for the chill to come and in four weeks it looks as though Jack Frost forgot us this year.

This year I am working on looking at the brighter side of life. I am thrilled that the weather is now suitable for walks with my friends, park days and best of all open windows with fresh air streaming through them. It absolutely feels of Spring. It must be because all I want to do is spring clean.

I used to subscribe to The fly Lady. My sister-n-law Natalie introduced me to her before I had kids. Every year around this time I remember to check in with the site. She gives a detailed weekly list on how to clean, organize and declutter the home. 

Before kids spring cleaning was a regular occurrence at our house. Every six months I tore through the entire house organizing and purging. Every week the base boards and cabinets were part of my cleaning repertoire. Now I am lucky if the cabinets get a wipe down once a year. The plan is to complete one major project a week. Last week I scoured the kitchen from top to bottom. This week is curtains and blinds. Next week I set the house cleaning aside to work on my garden. Then I start on cleaning the carpets and finally the windows to let all that magnificent sunshine in. I do not want to do it. But I am making myself no matter how hard I scream because I know in the end the accomplishment will make me feel better.