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May Website Review: Eating Small Potatoes


Small Potatoes is another blog on the subject of eating seasonally and locally. The blog was started to catalog their journey as they shifted into a more provident way of eating. Eating locally is about using the resources around you namely farms and ranches to get the most nutrients out of the food we eat. Farmers markets and CSA’s are usually certified organic meaning they do not use pesticides or other harmful chemicals to treat their plants. Choosing locally grown produce over those that are shipped in from elsewhere ensures the food is picked fresh and full of vitamin packed flavor.

Small Potatoes shares their struggles with staying true during the winter by overcoming the fears of preserving the bounty during the spring and summer. Click on the link for NCHP (National Center for Home Preservation) to learn more about preserving. Small Potatoes also offers yummy recipes to try in addition to simple tips and resources they have collected along the way. If you have been thinking about joining a CSA or do not know what a CSA is Small Potatoes can help point you in the right direction.