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July Website Review: Paperback Swap


Paperback Swap has been hanging out in my incredibly long list of websites for a while now  but I had not ventured to try it out until a few months ago. We were going through the piles of books while packing the house to move. I came across several books that were fun to read at the time I read them but I could never see myself reading them again.

To get started, log onto then fill out a short registration page and you are ready to post. The books must be clean. Free of any rips, writing, highlighting or stains. A lightly worn binding or jacket is ok. In order to get a book you must send a book to receive points. One point equals one book. Enter the book’s ISBN number¬† located on the back of the book, by the bar code. To send a book you will need a scale to calculate the correct weight if you plan on purchasing stamps through Paperback Swap. The benefit of using Paperback Swap is that your points are available right away. Otherwise if you use the post office you will have to wait until the recipient declares they have received the book.You can opt to buy new books and points from the site but what is the fun in that?

There are no hidden fees for using paperback swap to post books. You pay the postage to send a book, someone else pays the postage to send a book to you. Just be sure you ask for “media mail” when sending the package from the post office. Be sure to check out CD and DVD Swap to unload any CD’s and DVD’s that are in good condition. Happy swapping!