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Pesto Chicken French Bread Pizza

Super Bowl Sunday is set for February 6th. If you are not heading to the Cowboys Stadium then it is time to plan your home turf game menu. This year we’ve got a pizza bar theme. The two contending teams are the Gourmet Pesto Chicken […]

Super Bowl Pom Poms

Women always get a bad wrap when it comes to football. In high school and college football games the place to be to hang out with friends and have a good time. But I have to admit I am not so interested in the minute […]

A Potato Never Looked So Fair

I lived in Texas oh probably 11 years ago now, and one of the most happ’in dishes to eat was an enormous baked potato smothered with your choice of fix’ns. Potatoes were everywhere. In addition to most sit down restaurants, there were little fast food joints that all specialized in the enormous Idaho baked potato. The toppings included everything from BBQ meats to grilled vegetables to plain Jane and sauces. It was the sandwich shop for potatoes.

Potato bars are so easy and versatile they make a pleasing alternative to pot luck dinners. I love using different types of potatoes such as purple, red and sweet. I thought a potato bar would be a fun change for Super Bowl this year. I am not so sure Stephen shared my thoughts.

Ingredient List:
Baked Potatoes
Cheese, cottage cheese, blue cheese,
Sour Cream, butter, yogurt, ranch dressing
Chives, dill, salt, pepper, garlic, cilantro
Broccoli, grilled veggies, sauteed onions, mushrooms
BBQ pork, BBQ beef or chicken, Bacon, Tuna Fish, Black beans
Salsa, BBQ sauce, Chili