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Hot Chocolate Maker

We received this hot chocolate maker a few months ago as a gift from my sister-in-law. It is the coolest thing. Even my husband was impressed by it. The maker is not just for hot chocolate. You can make any hot drink in it such as Lattes and wassail. The booklet comes with a wide variety of recipes or you can use your favorite brand  of hot chocolate. Just remember to follow the directions of liquid to powder ratios on the packet or canister instead of the directions listed for the maker. It only holds 32 ounces, but it heats the liquid up super fast. It is so simple to use. Even my four-year-old is capable of operating it.

1 thought on “Hot Chocolate Maker”

  • Yea, I have seen those hot chocolate makers. When I was young, I love visiting my father at his work because they had a huge hot chocolate machine, and free hot chocolate with it.