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Book Review: Love and Logic

As I watch the three loverly’s grow I am posed with a conundrum. In one year, the average child learns to suck from the breast or a bottle, drink from a cup, sip from a straw. He also masters eating solids, rolling over, sitting up, […]

Behavior Charts and Responsibility- Preparing the Little Guy for Kindergarten

I am faced with a heavy dilemma at present. The time to sign Mason up for Kindergarten is fast approaching and I am questioning is he really ready to go. He is doing exceedingly well academically. I fear however, that with the the demise of […]

Laughter Helps the Medicine Go Down

Not long ago, I made an amazing discovery. As in J.M Barrie’s classic Peter Pan, I had grown up. I had forgotten how to play dolls and cars or come up with a silly song or bedtime story. It is so easy to become consumed […]

I Have A Dream For Mason

Today Mason’s teacher invited all the parents to attend a special celebration at school. As part of our homework assignment we were to write or draw the dream we have for our child. A hula hoop was hung from the ceiling and the papers tied […]

Teaching the Value of Work Through Play

In today’s economic uncertainties proper money management is top on the list of priorities when it comes to preparing my children for the real world. When I was in college I did not drive anywhere on the weekends because I did not have the money […]

Making The Switch To Eco-Friendly Cloth Diapers

New moms have plenty to think about these days. There is the birth plan, what color to paint the nursery, breast feeding vs. bottle feeding and cloth diapers vs. disposable. I passed on the cloth mostly because I had memories of my mom swirling the […]

January’s Website Review: The Happiness Project & My Simpler Life

This month’s website review happens to include two websites; The Happiness Project and My Simpler Life. THE HAPPINESS PROJECT is a memoir written by Gretchen Rubin about her year long adventure as she sets out to test every theory, tip and scientific study on being […]

Winter Flu Season Tips

Fall is almost here and that means, allergies and colds. Last year, we had an epidemic of colds, flu’s, ear infections and the like up until March of this year. As much as I love my Pediatrician, I am determined to make it through this […]