Memories and healthy recipes for your dinner table.

RECIPES – Main Dish

Quinoa Southwestern Stuffed Bell Peppers

Quinoa Stuffed Bell Peppers makes for a delectable main dish paired with a side of garlic toast or a light salad. It is one of those feel good meals I would choose over a piece of chocolate any day. Please Do Not let the bell […]

Spinach Linguini with Ham and Broccoli

Several years ago during Christmas time my mom bought a package of lobster stuffed ravioli. We thought it would be interesting to try. I was a bit leery as to how the kids would react to salmon colored stripped pasta knowing their phobia to anything […]

Chicken and Roasted Red Pepper Panini with Cilantro Pesto and Feta

If you are ever on the hunt for something exciting to eat try combing through the Closet Cooking Blogspot. This guy comes up with the most lively lip smack’n tantalizing recipes. There is no going wrong with cilantro, chicken, red peppers and feta. Cut them […]

Cilantro Lime Chicken

I found this really great Cilantro Lime Chicken recipe in the Eating Healthy section of Woman’s Day magazine. Normally I glimpse over the section and toss because they rarely have any recipes, that although I might enjoy them, I feel my kids would not eat […]

Grilled Vegetables with Pasta and Sausage

Grilled vegetables with pasta is one of my favorite ways to use up vegetables and left over meat. Except in winter when they all go in a pot for soup. This dish is a throw back to my days in college. It is cheap, quick, […]

Moroccan Tajine Chicken & Lentils

Morocco is located at the northern tip of East Africa spanning from the Atlantic Ocean to the Mediterranean Sea to the Sahara desert. Morocco is largely mountainous with a great expanse of coastal plains and desert. It is noted that Morocco has the the most […]

Chicken Lo Mein

I try to start every week prepared. Sunday night we sit down and have a family pow wow to discuss the family issues and the upcoming week’s schedule. I finish the weekly menu and write up the grocery list. Sunday I was in control. Monday […]

Peruvian Lomo Saltado

Lomo Saltado is a classic Peruvian dish. The variations are as distinct as the family making it. However, potatoes and steak are the two main ingredients that always remain the same. This version is adapted from a tiny restaurant a friend took me to during […]

Chateaubriand, The Language of Romance

Chateaubriand is a French dish created by chef, Montmireil for Vicomte Francois Chateaubriand. Francois was a 19th century author and statesman to Napoleon and was considered to be the father of Romanticism in French Literature. It is said that Montmireil chose the thickest, less flavorful […]

Bacon Wrapped Chicken

Several years ago, a group of moms started a monthly Bunko night. There were 12 of us with alternates in case one of us could not make it. Each member had to play hostess to a game night. She would provide the house, the meal, […]