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Help Yourself Pitchers

If you have little ones, the phrase “I can do it by myself” may sound like a broken record by now. These little guys want so much to be independent, yet they don’t understand they still need a  little help on a few things. I […]

BeaterBlade for Kitchen Aide Mixers

Years ago my mother-n-law handed down her Kitchen Aide mixer, to me. Stephen thinks she has had the mixer for at least 30 years. That is what I call a wives tale or excellent quality. A few weeks ago the wire whisk attachment broke. I […]

Enameled 7 Quart Cast Iron Casserole Dish

I have coveted this pot since Patty brought hers over to make raspberry jam. I love the colors: Sand, Red, Green, Blue. What I like most is how wide and roomy it is and how well it cooks. The dish can transfer from stovetop to […]